Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girls! Girls! Girls! pt. II

tracks 11-20 on the list.

11. "Cheap Trick Record" Bratmobile
90s punk band, could essentially be considered pretty riot grrrrrl I suppose.  I was only introduced to them about a year ago, and I can't necessarily quantify it, but I really really like them.  (Also: if anyone has a direct link to sreaming audio of this, hook a sister up!)

12. "I Wish I"  Cars Can Be Blue
Another 50% female band.  Becky from CCBB is honestly one of the most badass chicks ever, but badass in a super twee way.  And for a lo-fi male/female guitar/drum duo, I honestly think they're better than the White Stripes.  Or maybe I just like listening to them better.

13. "The Needle Has Landed"  Neko Case
Goddess.  My favorite singer, and truth be told one of my favorite songwriters, as well.  The person on earth I'd most like to imitate.  And not to belabor the point, but don't you dare mess with her bandmates.  :-D

14. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" Beyonce
Like a decade after her now-husband put out "Big Pimpin'", about never being held down by a woman, Beyonce smacks some sense into those boys who just can't seem to commit and live to regret forever.  Word!  (Although in my opinion, not one of the greatest videos.  Ever!  Though she's workin' her girlish figure and non-twig legs, which helps all us females of all races who have non-twig legs.)


That song actually made me a Beyonce convert.  I really wasn't interested in her much before that.

15. "99 Luftaballoons" Nena
I have a serious soft spot for one-hit wonders.  Especially 80s one-hit wonder chicks.  Who sing in German.  One night, like four years ago, there was a special on VH1 classic where people pay to request songs, and the benefits go to some cool charity or something.  And someone paid probably a ridiculous amount of money to show nothing but this video on loop for an hour - alternating English and German version.  So worth it.

16.  "I'm Always Touched by Your Presence Dear" Blondie
Rumor has it that by way of the song "Rapture", Debbie Harry is  considered to be one of the very first female rappers.  Pretty good for a punk band that went disco.  This is probably my favorite Blondie song.  Note: she also dated one of the other dudes in the band, for over 10 years, and it never affected the band professionally.  Take THAT Stevie Nicks!

17. "The Sweetest Thing" Camera Obscura
Several boys in this band, but no dudes singing for at least two albums.  And most of their songs written by a female bandmember.  I love them.  So much.

This video actually looks like most of the photos from the bridal blogs I've been reading the past 6 months.  Proof?  I think that CO jumped on it before the indie wedding folks on the internetz did.

18. "Talula (The Tornado Mix)" - Tori Amos
Not very often a "remix" ends up on the album I guess, but so be it.  I love Tori.  I know a lot about Tori.  I spent much of my early 20s quoting her lyrics.  I've seen her live.  I mostly started reading Neil Gaiman because of Tori.  You know what, though?  You can tell you've found a suitable partner when you say, "I love Tori Amos," and he doesn't a) look at you like you're insane and b) you don't have to explain that you've only seen her twice and not 30 times.  Or even if you have seen her 50 times, who cares?  Guys who are not scared off by Tori-fandom are ok in my book.  Of course, if we're not talking straight boys, then all bets are off.  To wrap up, Boys for Pele is in my top 5 albums of all time.  Don't hate.

And oh, you want to find live videos of Tori?  Throw a rock at the internet.  Or not even a rock.  A pebble.  A grain of salt.  There's a 75% chance you'll land on a site with Tori videos.  I think Glen Beck even has a few links to her, as does Dennis Kucinich's wife's personal vlog.  Seriously though.  The EWF were a fan force to reckon with before the internet, but Toriphiles + streaming video = a bizarre red-headed super live video hero.

19. "Don't Get Me Wrong"  The Pretenders
I honestly don't get to my local record store as much as I'd like, but I feel like the last 3-4 times I've been in there, I've struck up a conversation with the dude who runs the store about how much I love the Pretenders and how they get way less cred than I think they're due.  And he completely agrees.  They're like a half-American answer to The Smiths, without the mopeyness and with a kickass lead female lead who's just as iconic (and maybe influential) as Morrissey.

20. "Top of the World" The Carpenters
One of my friends who was a vocal major in college never stopped extolling the virtues of Karen Carpenter.  Did you know also that little Japanese band kids are obsessed with The Carpenters, and consider them to be the essential American music?  And another essential American band (with an essential female singer/bassist) is also semi-obsessed with Karen Carpenter, but we'll get to them in the next entry.


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