Friday, November 26, 2010

New Projects!

Hi all!  I'm still writing, I still have lots of opinions about popular music and pop culture and why I hate most music/film writers! 

However, most of my creative energy of that sort is not only spent toward my job (at least they make deposits into my account for said things!) but also toward a new project I'm doing with my awesome pants friend Gina!

Years ago, I started...wait.  Allow me to rephrase that.  My friend Ryan and I hung around, like all the time, and we'd have these great conversations that he was convinced we should record.  He wanted to get into podcasting...he was all into web development and he wanted to do more with it.  We hung out on NYE with some other people, each consumed about a bottle of wine, made a podcast at 2am, then continued every Wednesday after I taught clarinet lessons and we bought vegetables, and you can find it if you search iTunes for "crapface". 

I will say that all of my aliases over the years on the internet have kept me protected.  I had a private student once who I told that I was on iTunes.  I then challenged him to find my podcast.  He probably forgot, but he never found it and never mentioned it to me.  Anyway.

Ryan and I used to skype Gina on our podcast like mad, and now years later, Ryan is kind of a hot shit developer, goes all over the world wielding his Drupal sword, and I suggested to Gina in about October-ish that we might want to do a podcast.  She jumped at it, and we've had a few episodes.  It's going well, and we're doing a blog with it.  Kind of cool, and kind of trying to keep it on the subject of popular music, although we often incidentally talk about feminism and junk.

Anyway - here is a link - - and we are awesome. 

So I'll be back around here when I have really long, rambling thoughts and some time off. 

Until then, the new Ben Folds is really, really good, Vampire Weekend still sucks, and I listened to Sufjan Stevens in the car the other day and frantically tried to remember what all the fuss was about in 2005. 


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